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Birch Ply

We consider Nordic birch plywood to be the ultimate material for cabinet doors. It's been used for several centuries for furniture and construction - even aeroplanes! Besides, it's just beautiful - raw, honest, with beautiful layers and pattern variations and having that gorgeous Scandanavian design aesthetic our customers love.

All plywood isn't the same though.  And especially for clear finished doors, it's important to get the highest quality plywood for the cleanest, most beautiful face, in the optimum thickness for kitchen cabinets. We use the highest commercially available in the correct thickness -  you simply can't get better than our ply.

Getting technical now...but we want to share our expertise! For a beautiful, clean look nothing less than grade S+/BB or B/BB grade plywood will do.  S+ is the ultimate for clear finishing as it has the best face with no plugs and is a big improvement on the lower quality S grade which allows defects and patches, which we don't use. Besides this incredible grade we also use B/BB which has an incredibly clean finish too with only minor natural features e.g. pinknots allowed on the surface - we find these beautiful too as a natural feature of the wood. Exterior grade combined with 18mm thickness it makes the perfect kitchen door.

We never use MDF or chipboard. 

Order our birch plywood samples to see the exceptional quality for yourselves!

Birch plywood has many advantages:-

1. Aesthetic Advantage

Birch plywood is perfect for furniture, as it has a nice, rich sheen, and it gives the end product an elegant finish. 

2. Better than solid wood for kitchens

Birch plywood is known for its durability, stability and strength. Our 18mm Birch plywood is the perfect depth for kitchens and is formed by layering 13 layers of birch. This adds a great amount of stability and strength to the plywood unlike for example chipboard or MDF which has very little inherent strength. It has advantages over solid wood as it is far less susceptible to movement, warping and twisting than solid wood.

3. Healthier

Plywood is safer to work with as it produces fewer harmful chemical emissions.

4. Environmental Advantage

Birch trees are native to northern Europe and is an abundant, fast growing species. Plywood is a much better use of wood resources than solid wood.

Wood is a natural product and is variable in colour, tone and grain, and may have small knots.  This is an inherent part of its beauty. 


We add two coats of a protective oil or lacquer to make it water and stain resistant and bring out the beauty of the wood. Oil can be refinished in situ without redoing the whole door.

We also use FSC European hardwoods, low toxic paints, and raw metals. 




We allow the grain to run continuously across the fronts as far as possible.

Birch plywood is a natural wood product and there may be variations in tones, grain patterns and small knots, which is all part of its natural beauty.

We offer birch ply in different wood veneers - birch, natural oak, white oak, smoked oak, brown oak, black-stained oak, rough sawn oak, walnut, sycamore, elm, London plane, ash, cherry, spruce - there are many more so if there is a wood you wish to use just get in touch.
Our spray painted birch plywood are painted with 4 coats of an ultra washable low sheen finish which has a matt look, but at the same time is easy to wipe clean in an ultra non-toxic, durable paint. We have our in-house nature-inspired colours but can also colour match almost any colour.
We leave the beautiful birch ply edges exposed and protected with a clear lacquer or they can be painted to match your paint colour.


The woods we use are either Native or European - we don't use any woods from further overseas.  We use the best English and European oaks, selecting beautiful grain patterns, rather than sourcing the cheapest, and the rare European Walnut instead of the ubiquitous American walnut.  All our other woods are similarly local and premium. This way they are not only just the best quality and beautiful, but also the ultimate in sustainability.  All are FSC certified.  All woods are not equal - order a sample and see the beauty of the grain.


Painted wood has a gorgeous depth and can be touched up in situ unlike lacquered or vinyl finishes. 

Our paint is the best and healthiest we've found in decades in the business.  We wouldn't want the solvent based, toxic paints used by commercial spray painters in our own home, so why would we send it to your home? Made from acrylic, our paint is super durable, super clean and super beautiful. Ultra washable, UV resistant and non-yellowing, it's perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Not only that, it is so low toxic it is specified in numerous schools and hospitals, and carbon neutral as it is made from 100% hydro electric and geothermal energy in Iceland.

We spray-paint our products ourselves in our custom spray room, which allows us to minimise the wastage caused by commercial spray-painter's over-spraying.

Any areas of damage can easily be touched up unlike lacquered or vinyl finishes.


Formica is a hard, durable laminate which was invented in 1912 in America. It comes in many colours (though we can help you find one you like) and is wipe-clean and heat resistant


Fenix is an innovative material and comes in a beautifully restrained colour palette. Soft touch, scratch resistant, water repellant and hygienic.


Linoleum is a natural material, with a warm and matt finish, almost leathery in appearance.  It comes in an elegant, nature inspired colour palette. 






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