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About the Doors


We are very proud of the high quality materials we use.

No MDF. No Chipboard. Only Scandanavian Birch Plywood.

All of our finishes - oil and paint - are stain-resistant, washable and natural. We want your fronts to look and feel good for decades to come.

Choose circle or square midcentury style handles.  Or none at all.

Exposed plywood edges, or painted - the choice is yours.


Unlike a lot of manufacturers who use MDF or other particle or chipboard, all of our fronts are based on solid 18mm Scandanavian birch plywood apart from the Bamboo range.

Our veneered range uses FSC hardwoods from tree species that are native to the UK on top of the 18mm plywood base.



Our environmentally friendly Osmo oil finish is available in two different options.


natural tone which brings out the natural beauty of the wood veneer.

White Tint

A white tint for that pale Scandanavian look.

We prefer oil to varnish or lacquer as it’s much more environmentally friendly, it’s easier to make good any damage and it’s much nicer to work with.



We use Osmo Polyx oil which is extremely durable, water, dirt and stain resistant, natural and breathable. Learn more about it on the Osmo website.

Hardwood Veneers

We offer a range of native FSC hardwood veneers including Oak, Elm and Sycamore and these are oil finished. to reveal the natural beauty of the wood and offer a good level of protection while maintaining a natural feel.

Hand Painted   

Our painted finish has 4 coats, which we spray-paint in-house.

We use an eggshell finish which has a Matt look, but at the same time is easy to wipe clean in an ultra non-toxic, durable paint.

Click here for more about our paint


Exposed plywood edge or painted?  The choice is yours.

Aesthetically we consider in most cases that it is better to leave the beautiful birch plywood edges exposed.


However, we offer the option for the edges to be painted on the painted kitchens as sometimes this is preferred.

We don't edge band our hardwood fronts as we feel that the beauty of the plywood should be exposed and that the wood grain on edge banding does not match the rest of the door. Unlike MDF or chipboard fronts, there is nothing to be disguised.  

Custom Fronts fronts are made from high quality and beautiful materials and are carefully designed and crafted.



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