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Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood

All of our fronts, apart from our bamboo options, are made from high quality birch plywood.

We never use MDF or chipboard. Birch is a popular fine-grained wood that makes high quality plywood. Birch comes with a beautifully smooth and pale finish, which adds a touch of elegance to the wood and the finished product.

Birch plywood has many advantages:-

1. Aesthetic Advantage

Birch plywood is perfect for furniture, as it has a nice, rich sheen, and it gives the end product an elegant finish. Additionally, birch plywood allows you to customise the end product as per your wishes; it can be stained, painted, oiled and varnished with excellent results.

2. Better than solid wood for kitchens

Birch plywood is known for its durability. The process of forming the birch plywood reinforces the strength of the original piece of wood. Our 18mm Birch plywood is formed by layering 13 layers of birch. This adds a great amount of stability and strength to the plywood unlike for example chipboard or MDF which has very little inherent strength. It has advantages over solid wood as whilst it is still wood and susceptible to movement this is far less so than solid wood giving you much more stable doors, less prone to warp or twist.

3. Healthier

Plywood is much safer to work with as it produces far fewer harmful chemical emissions than MDF.

4. Environmental Advantage

Birch trees are native to northern Europe (mainly Finland and the Baltic) and Russia. It is an abundant, fast growing species. This means that there is no destruction or disruption of biodiversity when birch is felled. It is better to opt for this renewable source than other options that might have a negative impact on the environment. It is a much better use of wood resources than solid wood.


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