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Measuring Guide

Fronts to fit Ikea?

No need to measure as we've done all the measuring for you already.

Fronts to fit non-Ikea Cabinets?

Then read on please...

How to Measure Cabinets

If you are replacing your existing doors, drawer fronts or end panels then you need to measure the fronts alone, and not the cabinets.

Make a list of every door you would like to replace and measure each one individually.

We use millimetre measurements so for consistency and accuracy we recommend that you measure everything in millimetres.

If you don’t have existing doors/fronts to replace then please see below.

Overlay doors/Frameless Cabinets

These doors sit on top of the cabinet, covering it.  So you need to measure the external dimensions of the cabinet. You will need to ensure your door will cover the entire cabinet front in order to completely hide the frame underneath, whilst also making sure your doors are not too close together, stopping them from opening freely. Generally overlay doors are 3-4 mm smaller on the width and height than the cabinet itself.

Inset doors/Face frame cabinets

These doors sit inside the frame of your cabinet and will be smaller than the cabinets. Therefore you need to remember to measure the internal dimensions of the opening.

Your doors would usually be 4mm narrower and 5mm shorter than the internal dimensions of the opening.

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