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 Hand painting gives a gorgeous depth and texture with delicate brush strokes. 

 It also allows us to use our ultra non toxic, durable washable and splatter resistant  paint, unlike the solvent based, toxic paints generally used by commercial spray painters. We use our own non-wasteful spray painting machine to apply the first few coats, and then apply the final coat by hand. This method is far less wasteful as well as having a more traditional crafted feel.

 With hand painted fronts, any areas of damage can easily be touched up unlike sprayed, lacquered  or vinyl finishes . All the fronts can be repainted in situ either to refresh or change the colour all together meaning your fronts can still look brand new for decades to come.

                   “Choose  hand painted fronts and you will get the depth and texture obtained through delicate paint work using healthy durable and washable paint”


We use Mythic Non-Toxic Paint.  This is a Non-Toxic, Ultra Low-Odour paint that provides the Durability and Performance that you would expect from a premium paint without the Off-Gassing VOCs and carcinogenic toxics that emit years after drying.  

Mythic Paints were created by 4 scientists and developed by the University of Southern Mississippi with funding from the US Federal Government, and is used on major projects such as, the Pentagon, Google Headquarters and the World Trade Centre.  The paint has 26 patents for the performance, durability, non toxicity, environmentally friendly and at the same time, reasonably priced. 

Originally called "American Pride" because it was this paint that won the contract to rebuild the Pentagon after 9/11. Due to their closed HVAC system they needed a paint that would not smell or cause illness to employees during repaints. Mythic is developed under strict requirement from the Pentagon with manufacturing process taking place in a zero discharge facility. Mythic paint is unique from any other manufacturer in process and formula. Mythic is a stand up company and have supporting data from every level. Mythic uses the latest technology in paint, primer as well as colourant and are completely ZERO VOC and NON Toxic.


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