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How to Design

Kitchen Design

There are dedicated kitchen planners, interior designers or architects that can be used but many people will choose to design the kitchen themselves. Ikea have a free and amazingly easy-to-use Kitchen Planner.

Ikea has kitchen planning guidance and videos here  or you can book a kitchen planning in-store appointment or home visit. 

1. The easiest way is usually to plan your entire kitchen with Ikea. They can then produce a shopping list of what would be needed. Make a note of all the types, sizes and quantities of the doors, drawers, fronts and plinths and then use this to order from us. You can then simply ask them to remove all the doors, drawer fronts and any cover panels from your order when you make your purchase-but if possible send us your plans and list before you ask for the doors to be removed. This makes life a lot easier!

2. Once your design is complete, forward us the complete plans directly from the website, or download the PDF and email that to us so that we can check your order with us.   If you're having trouble, simply send us your login information - email address and password - and we'll access the plans ourselves.

Tell us what design you want and we'll prepare an estimate for you.

3. Order your Ikea cabinets and hinges from Ikea and your fronts and panels form us.

4. Your fronts will then be delivered to your address several weeks later, with hinge holes drilled if Ikea fronts and ready to be attached to your Ikea cabinets.


Wardrobe Design

1. Ikea’s Pax wardrobes are a flexible and customisable  system  You can plan your perfect Pax system using their online planning tool . You can then visit the store, call them or order online. Please note that we only supply hinged doors for the Pax system, not sliding doors. 

2.  Send us our plans or tell us which Pax units you have and we can give you an estimate.

3.  Order your Pax units and hinges from Ikea and your fronts form us.

3. Your fronts will then be delivered to your address several weeks later ready to be attached.

Sideboard Design


1. Ikea's Besta cabinets, offer a flexible range of living room storage solutions.  They have a Besta planning tool online to help you to plan your perfect sideboard. You can then visit the store, call them or order online.

2. Once you have ordered your cabinets, or know what you'd like then let us know and we'll give you an estimate for the fronts.

3. Order your fronts and they'll delivered to your address several weeks later.


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