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Mounting, Assembly and Care

Mounting and Assembly

Safety First

Always attach your cabinets to a wall.

Cabinets from Ikea come with instructions as to how to mount them safely against a wall. 

It is of the utmost importance that you or your fitter attaches these cabinets to the wall even if they feel stable, and even if it stands on legs.


We recommend that you order your hinges from Ikea. The type of hinges you will need depends on what interior you choose for your cabinet. The easiest way to do this is to start with a complete cabinet and then simply ask for the fronts to be removed from the order. This way you ensure the correct number and type of hinges are included. 

Ikea kitchen hinges are of top quality Austrian manufacture and have an expansion function which makes them easy to attach without tools.
Besta and Pax hinges are similarly high quality and simply need a screwdriver to fit to the door.

Besta Sides and Tops

We use 9mm birch ply for sides and tops for Ikea's Bestå and sides for Pax systems. These are easy to attach using double sided tape combined with screws for some side formats. Where necessary we include simple step-by-step instructions with our products, making it easy to assemble the sides and tops correctly. 

Metod Panels

End Panels for kitchen cabinets are fitted the traditional way with screws from the inside of the cabinet.


When cleaning is required we recommend a soft, damp cloth and water. “E” cloths are very useful as they can be used just with clean water. If a detergent is needed it should be a mild one like soap or washing-up liquid. Always avoid using detergents that contain alcohol and ammonia or which have an abrasive or bleaching effect. When using soap or washing-up liquid, wipe clean with water and wipe dry immediately. This is to avoid water remaining on the surface. Be sure to wipe off any spills from the surface of your cabinet. This includes carefully wiping the edges of the front’s underside.

Our finishes are strong and durable but should be treated with care for best results.

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