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Painted, Linoleum or Laminate Birch Ply

Seven Sisters (Brilliant White)

Making Everyday Better and Healthier

Enter our MDF/HDF Free Zone!

Musk Mallow (Blush Pink)

Use our in-house paint colours, or we can colour match to almost any colour. 

Or ask about our laminates - Formica in an almost endless colour choice, Fenix in considered earthy tones, or Linoleum in select but beautiful tones.

We are very proud of our premium birch ply doors, and talk a lot about them! We recommend that a customer always check exactly what a kitchen is made from before making a purchase.

Is it sprayed with toxic commercial paints?

Does it look like wood but have MDF underneath?

Made from 18mm premium birch plywood, the optimum ply for IKEA cabinets, our doors are practical, durable and beautiful, and looked after will last for a very long time. MDF/HDF (sawdust held together with glue) is used by most manufacturers - it's cheap, but cheap comes at a cost - prone to warping, chips and cracks, can't be repaired, much more toxic and soak up water like Weetabix. 

Using a palette inspired by nature, we spray paint with 4 coats of premium, ultra low toxic paint, the highest performance and most washable and suitable for kitchen doors that we have found in decades in the trade. 

With our ply doors, you can leave the beautiful birch plywood edges and handle interiors exposed and protected with lacquer or have them painted. We don't have to cover these up with handle inserts and edge banding as our plywood is so high quality that we don't have to hide it - the handle interiors are simply beautiful, and show all the natural variations of top quality birch plywood. We love ply!

Need a price?  Simply contact us here for an estimate and more details.

Soft Day

Custom Colour (Olive Green) Mandarin Stone tiles/marble, Ben Anders photographer


Soft Pink (Musk Mallow)

Soft Grey (Custom Colour)

Ashes of Bonfire (Dark Grey)

Obsidian Green (Custom Colour)

Cool Pale Grey (Swim at Dawn)

Warm Pale Grey (Windover Fog)

(from left to right) Downland Path, Lavender Light and Darks


(leaning from left to right) Birling White and Soft Day




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