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What Makes us Different?

We make and design our kitchens ourselves in-house and are hands on in every step of the process. This ensures attention to detail, a personal touch and a high level of quality control.

We wanted to elevate kitchen design by offering something different and higher quality than the majority of kitchens on the market, which all seem to look exactly the same. We also wanted to offer truly sustainable kitchens by only sourcing native and European woods.

We love birch plywood and had years of experience working with it.  We knew this honest and humble material  - in the right hands - could create the most elegant and design led kitchens. And if we added it to the tried and tested - and supremely affordable - Ikea cabinet system - we could offer bespoke kitchens at a sensible price.

We were founded by husband and wife, Ian and Rachel and are a team of craftsmen, joiners, metalworkers, designers and artists based in Sussex, one hour from London.

Ian - who studied fine art and was previously a landscape painter—has many years’ experience creating bespoke plywood joinery and installing kitchens. 

"I've worked with my hands all my life, but there's nothing quite like wood - the textures, the grains, the atmosphere".

"We know kitchens, and they have to work well as well as look good" Ian says. We consciously decided not to factory process the timber - "simply put hand tools produce a better product  - they are more responsive to the wood and we can ensure a better product." Ian explains.

Rachel grew up in coastal Ireland and loves to connect to nature by bringing the outside in. "I think natural materials appeal on a fundamentally human level. Don't we all crave connection and peace? That's what home is for."

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