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We welcome stylist and photographer Emma Harris to these pages, owner of the serene and beautiful A Quiet Style  where she shares her love of flowers and understated style.  

Emma chose one of our painted plywood kitchens with brushed brass handles, and also styled many of our photoshoots.  We caught up with her to find out more about her style, why she chose a Custom Fronts kitchen and her top tip for kitchen design.

1. In terms of decoration what would you say is your style?


In an ideal world, I would live in a John Pawson inspired house, but in reality I have two children and a husband and full-on minimalism just isn’t going to work for us. So I would say that my style is pretty pared back, but with a few feminine touches and favourite pieces thrown in.  I have also just recently discovered colour again after a good few years of white and greys and I am really enjoying the drama it adds to some parts of my home.


2. Why did you choose a custom fronts kitchen?


I did some styling work for Custom Fronts, and fell in love with their kitchens on set. The quality and finish of all of them is just beautiful.  It did however make choosing the finish pretty difficult, as every new kitchen I saw I wanted (pink was a front runner for quite a long time!).  However, in the end we choose classic soft white with a brass handle.  It also means that if we do get bored, we can easily paint over it.



3. In your home, what is your favourite object?


Without a doubt, it is a painting of a nude given to me my Dad.  I always admired her when she hung on his wall, and when he downsized with my step-mum, they very generously passed her on to me.  Thanks to the wonders of social media, after years of not knowing much about her, we discovered that she is most likely taken from a copy of a well known painting.  At some point, she will take pride of place on the kitchen wall.


4. How was "a quiet style" born?


I used to blog about local artists, prior to the birth of my second daughter.  When she was about nine months old, I felt ready to start blogging again but I didn’t want to have to rely on others for the content and more than one friend suggested I blog about myself and my life, as I have a strong sense of what I like.  So that’s how it all began.


5. Why that name?


It felt like a good interpretation of my style and me in general, because my style is quiet and understated as a general rule, and I think my personality is pretty much the same.  I am also a fan of the "less is more" approach to most things in my life and often in my job too if I can get away with it.


6. Tell us something surprising about you?


Even though I am known for having a personality that fits my the name ‘a quiet style’, when it comes to the genre of film and TV I like, it is anything but, the darker the better!  But apart from that, what you see is what you get with me.  


7. Top tip for renovating a kitchen


Storage, storage, storage.  I would try and get as much in as you possibly can, having invested in a beautiful new kitchen, the last thing you want is to have to leave boxes of cereal on the side because they won’t fit anywhere.  I meticulously planned the storage in our new kitchen by writing out a list of everything we keep in the kitchen and working out where it would go.  I would recommend just spending a bit of time doing the same so you know that all the essentials will have a home.


Thank you for sharing your story and beautiful kitchen with us Emma!


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