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Colour Faced Birch Ply Fronts, Tops and Sides

We offer three finishes for our colour fronts, Fenix, Ultra Matt Laminate and Linoleum

These carefully curated colour palettes are inspired by the natural surroundings of our Sussex home, but we can offer any colour you desire from the manufacturers extensive range. All colour finishes are bonded onto the highest grade birch plywood and the plywood edge is always left exposed - a beautiful design feature and guarantee of the quality. As standard there is a white balancing laminate on the interior but we can offer other options, please ask.


Fenix is an innovative material from Italy. Opaque, soft to touch, fingerprint resistant and ideal for your kitchen fronts as it is water repellent, hygienic and scratch resistant. It comes in a beautiful selection of subtle colours - our standard offering is below and the full range can be seen on the Fenix site here.




Bianco Male




Bianco Kos


Our Ultra Matt Laminates offer ultra-matt, anti-fingerprint surfaces. They are anti-bacterial, anti-virus, almost zero reflection surface, hydro, mould and scratch-resistant too. Commonly thought to be plastic, laminate is actually made from sustainable paper! It comes in the widest array of colours and is is water resistant, wipe-clean and heat resistant.


Linoleum comes in beautifully muted nature tones, is warm to touch, with a matte, subtle leathery texture. It has an all natural composition and is naturally anti-static ensuring the material remains unblemished, hygienic and clean. It requires more care than our other surfaces but it is strong and durable developing a patina of its own over time creating a truly distinctive kitchen. Our curated offering is shown below or the full range can be viewed here.




Smokey Blue


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