Bamboo Kitchen Door Fronts

Our beautiful and sustainable bamboo kitchen doors are perfectly cut to fit your Ikea kitchen cabinets. Designed and handcrafted in our workshop in England, from bamboo certified to the highest environmental standards.

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable alternative to woods, and is hard-wearing, durable and solid. It is actually CO2 negative over its lifecycle. It is the perfect choice for a low maintenance kitchen. Ideal for family kitchens, keen cooks, commercial spaces or simply anyone who wants a kitchen which not only looks good, but performs.

Taking design inspiration from Japan and Scandinavia, our timeless bamboo kitchen doors are truly sustainable in aesthetics as well as in materials.

Available with all of our handle options, including our circle handles, oblong handles, our new Linear handle, or a handleless "push to open" option for that minimalist kitchen look.

It comes in 3 different finishes.

Golden - a natural oiled finish, retaining the natural tones of the bamboo.

Warm (pictured) - a warm finish, enriching the bamboo to a warm brown colour.

Dark - a dark finish, deepening the bamboo to a dark brown colour.

Our bamboo fronts, like our other kitchen doors, fit the Ikea Metod kitchen range.

As well as bamboo Ikea kitchen doors and drawers, we also make bamboo kitchen panels, plinths and bamboo kitchen worktops. We can supply fronts for all kinds of Ikea kitchen cabinets - fridge freezers, dishwashers, washing machines etc. We can also help you create beautiful bamboo kitchen islands with Ikea kitchen cabinets.

Our bamboo kitchen worktops come in 2 thicknesses 19mm and 38mm and depths up to 1200mm. These offer a seamless, unified look for your Ikea bamboo kitchen, but other worktops also work beautifully, such as natural stones or acrylics such as Corian.

Learn More About Bamboo

Bamboo has many ecological advantages to woods in kitchen design. We only work with certified suppliers who follow the most stringent environmental and human health standards. Bamboo has a short growth cycle and it naturally regenerates on an annual basis, preventing deforestation. Traditional hardwood has benefits but is a major contributor to deforestation, particularly tropical hardwoods, as it takes decades to grow and replenish. Birch trees, from which our birch plywood is made, grow relatively quickly, making it a sustainable choice. But bamboo is on a whole different level. As a company, we are always pushing ourselves to find the most sustainable products without compromising on quality, and with bamboo we've found it.

The bamboo we use is part of the fastest growing species, reaching 20metres high in a couple of months, and 4 years to mature. It is then quickly available to absorb CO2 and provide oxygen.

Bamboo's unique root system and prevents soil erosion. It captures 70% more carbon than hardwood forests and is grown without added fertilisers or pesticides.

Incredibly strong, durable, hard and tough, bamboo lasts a very long time. At the end of its life cycle, it can be re-finished, re-used or recycled safely, as a natural, non-toxic material.

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