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Terms and Conditions


1.1 The defined terms set out below are used in these terms and conditions and they have the following meanings:

"Company" means Custom Fronts Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 11209999, whose trading address is Units 29/30, Bridge Farm, Barcombe Mills Road, Barcombe, East Sussex BN8 5BX, United Kingdom

"Goods" the goods that we are selling as set out in the order.

"Customer" means the Customer of the Company.

"Order" your order for sale of goods as set out in the invoice which we send you.


2.1 All orders placed with and accepted by Custom Fronts are bound by these terms and conditions.

2.2 Please ensure that you read these terms carefully and check that the details are complete and accurate before you sign agreement. If you think there has been a mistake or if you require any changes, please contact us to discuss. We will confirm any changes in writing to avoid any confusion between you and us.

2.3 By confirming that your order is correct and that you wish to proceed, you agree that you have fully read, understood and agree to our terms and conditions. All orders placed with and accepted by Custom Fronts are bound by these terms and conditions.


3.1 The images of the Goods on our website and any catalogues, brochures, magazines or social media are for illustrative purposes only. We cannot guarantee that the pictures accurately reflect the colour of finish of the Goods. Your Goods may vary slightly from those images and we will make every effort to discuss any differences with you prior to ordering the Goods.

3.2 Your final Goods may vary in tone or grain and we cannot guarantee that they are exactly the same as your samples we have provided as they vary from batch to batch. Samples should be regarded as approximate representation only. Please note woods vary in tone, colour and grain-this is part of their beauty. 

3.3 We ensure we use the highest quality materials. The Customer is aware  ofproperties of the product and the properties and durability of the finish they are purchasing.

3.4 Whilst we use the highest-grade ply and work to get the perfect finish. The Customer understands wood is a natural product and accepts that there may be some natural characteristics in the ply. Such as knots, and shake. (Cracks in the lumber which follow the annual rings).

3.5 Whilst we make every effort to match the grain. The Customer accepts that this is not always possible and there may be slight variation in grain and tone.


4.1 Custom Fronts reserves the right to revise prices and details at any time without notice. If we list a product at the wrong price due to a clerical or other error, we have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed prior to the order being delivered. We will of course not adjust any prices without informing clients first, and will allow you to withdraw your order at no cost to yourself and; if applicable, a full refund will be given.


5.1 Whilst we do our best to interpret figures, diagrams, drawings or conversations which detail the sizes, shapes and details of your quote, we are unable to guarantee that this is a correct interpretation of your exact requirements and cannot be held liable if these subsequently prove to be incorrect.

5.2 It is up to you the Customer to ensure that the sizes, shapes and dimensions detailed in our quote are correct for what you require.

5.3 From the information obtained from the phone consultation we will produce an order confirmation which is the basis on which we manufacture. You will receive revised plans, your invoice and a cutting list.

It is up to you the Customer to ensure that sizes, shapes and all the details of your order as detailed in your order confirmation email are correct for what you require.

5.4 After you receive your initial order confirmation, we allow for one revision before the final order can been placed. This is to allow plenty of time to come back to us for amendments before the material order and manufacture. We cannot accept changes after the final order has been placed, these will be made as a separate order.

Each urgent amendment after this period will incur a fee of £100. Any additional panels will be placed as a separate order.

5.5 The company reserves the right without notice and without affecting the validity of the contract to make such changes in materials, dimensions and design as are reasonable and desirable.

5.6 We will not make your order until we have received confirmation that the order details are correct and have received the full payment.


6.1 As custom-made orders are not cancellable, you must make sure that the information and materials (e.g. plans, designs, lists and sizes of products required) provided by you and those provided by us (e.g. items listed in our quotation) are correct and suitable for your use before you place an order with us. Changes unfortunately can't be made to custom sizes once the order has been placed.

6.2 We do not drill hinge or drawer mounting holes in custom sizes as a matter of course. Drilling these on site ensures that they are accurate and that pieces will fit.


7.1 As these are made-to measure goods we take full payment upfront.

7.2 Custom Fronts accepts payment with all major cards or a bank transfer. Your payment options will be presented to you in the payment process.


8.1 Lead Times begin once a final order has been placed and fully paid for. Lead times depend on the materials and finishes ordered.
Our fronts are made to order and our standard production time is generally 5-8 weeks from when the order is finalised and paid for. Depending on the finish, the workshop schedule, and time of year.

8.2 To be fair to all of our customers who are also working to tight schedules we operate on a first come first serve basis. We cannot push delivery dates forward although we do work hard to push through orders as quick as possible. We will even be in touch if your order can be out sooner than expected.

8.3 Rarely our suppliers are out of stock of a particular material. If any items of your order are out of stock or the material to make them is not available, we will advise you immediately of the expected delay in delivery.

8.4 Lead times are estimates and not guaranteed and are subject to change without prior notice. Of course if any delays occur we always attempt to notify customers as soon as possible.

We recommend that you only arrange for tradesmen to carry out work on your behalf after your goods have been delivered. We cannot be liable for any losses incurred for late delivery no matter howsoever caused.

8.5 Depending on the destination, the delivery will require 1-7 days extra. However, we cannot guarantee this, and we will not accept any liability if your order is delivered outside any previously agreed time or date.


9.1 We make the good according to the measurements you provide us. Please make sure all measurements are correct and accurate on the cutting list we provide. Unfortunately, we cannot accept the return of goods if the reason is inaccurate measurements.

9.2 All works undertaken by Custom Fronts have a + / - 2-millimetre margin for error per cut. All timber reacts differently when cut.

9.3 The customer accepts that unforeseen variations in the timber may result in minor breakouts or machine marks. In order to minimise any possible effects of this, Custom Fronts may, at its discretion, chose to modify or amend any cut-outs or sizes as it sees fit to best deal with the situation. Further, where necessary, Custom Fronts may use filler in order to repair such damage.

9.4 The Customer accepts that it is these variations in density and hardness of timber are a natural part of the product, and not the fault of Custom Fronts. Of course, we warrant that we will take all reasonable steps to avoid damage of this, or any other nature.

9.5 In certain circumstances, flaws and faults within the timber may be exposed during the manufacturing process. The Customer accepts this is a natural feature of the timber, and not the fault of us. We will do their best to remedy the situation, but cannot be liable for any defects exposed in this way.

9.6 The statutory right of cancellation does not apply to orders which are made to measure or in any way cut or altered to your requirements. If custom or bespoke orders are faulty, we can repair or replace depending on which is most appropriate.

9.7 Whilst every effort is made to ensure colour accuracy, we can never guarantee to absolutely match any colour. There may be a difference in sheen level for example but as close a match as possible is achieved.

9.8 Due to the nature of sheet material any doors over 1.4 m in height are more prone to warping and we won't guarantee that doors over this size will be flat on delivery. Warping of doors over this size will not be considered a fault. We strongly advise that clients take this into account when planning and do not include doors larger than this size.


10.1 Goods are prepared for the Customer according to our workshop schedule. If the Customer delays delivery or collection after the fronts have been made, storage of the goods is entirely at the Customers' risk. Custom Fronts will not be liable for any damage no matter how caused. Custom Fronts will endeavour to store the items carefully, however the Customer agrees that timber, as a natural product, is subject to movement and may move during the period of storage.

The Customer expressly agrees that Custom Fronts is not liable for any such movement, as we do not have the correct environmental storage to prevent such movement.


11.1 Every effort will be made to deliver your goods on time, unfortunately we cannot accept liability for costs if delays beyond our control are incurred.

11.2 We unfortunately cannot accept liability for failed deliveries due to incorrect contact and delivery details.

11.3 Our delivery partners will provide a delivery window for when you should expect your goods. Someone is required to be available to receive the items the day of delivery.

11.4 Deliveries including fronts, sides or tops are delivered to the kerbside of your building or as close as the delivery vehicle can get. We do not offer inside delivery or white glove service.

11.5 It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure the unloading area and drop off point are suitable.

11.6 Our deliveries can be extremely heavy and often require multiple people to unload; it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure there will be competent available to help with the unloading of the delivery or other goods.

10.7 If the driver helps carry the delivery into a Customer's house, this is on the strict understanding that neither Custom Fronts nor the delivery driver have any liability whatsoever in attempting to help the Customer. This help is at the discretion of the driver, and forms no part of the contracted delivery service. Transfer of liability for the delivery passes to the Customer once the delivery is safely out of the delivery vehicle.

11.8 Custom Fronts will not accept any liability for damage to the delivery, the Customer's property, or any personal injury to the Customer or any third party.


12.1 The goods will be your responsibility from completion of delivery.

12.2 Please note that someone will be required to sign for and inspect goods for any missing boxes or obvious signs of transit damage in the presence of the delivery driver. Any loss or damage must be clearly written on the delivery note. No claims for delivery damage can be made after this.

12.3 Goods will not be left without a valid signature from the Customer.

12.4 If no one is available to help unload and/or sign for the goods, re-delivery will result in a re-delivery charge equal to the original cost of delivery, unless the inability to deliver prejudices further deliveries, in which case Custom Fronts reserve the right to charge the Customer for the cost of other re-deliveries which we were unable to make due to the inability to deliver.

12.5 If there is any damage during delivery, we will of course try to replace or repair the items as quickly as possible, however we are not liable for any costs you may have incurred.

12.6 It is essential the goods are unwrapped and checked for damage within 24 hours of delivery. Custom Fronts cannot be held liable for any damage after this.


13.1 Our fronts, sides and tops are custom-made for you. Any product made to order for you cannot be returned unfortunately unless we have accepted liability for a product which was damaged on delivery. When returning a product, the sender is responsible for returning the product in perfect condition and unused. If the product has been damaged by you it does not qualify for the return policy.



14.1 Under the distance selling regulations, a private Customer has the right to return standard size goods within seven days of the goods being received without giving a reason.

As the manufacturer, Custom Fronts do not stock any standard sizes in any timber products, therefore, regardless of size and dimensions, all kitchen/worktops, wardrobe and sideboard fronts, tops and sides, upstands, are bespoke made, and cut specifically to your order. These orders are therefore not subject to the right of return under the distance selling regulations.

14.2.1 For any other items which are stocked and are a standard size, a private Customer is fully covered by the distance selling regulations. Goods returned must be in a saleable, as new condition and returned in their original packaging.

14.2.2 The Customer must arrange transportation and pay all costs involved in transporting the goods back to the warehouse from which they came. The goods must be insured whilst in transit for the full value of their cost price, goods received damaged after return will not receive a refund from the Company and the Customer shall pursue their carrier for reimbursement and or return. Returns made under this provision must be agreed in writing or by email by both parties before the goods are returned. Once a returns note has been issued, the goods must be returned within seven days. These rights do not apply to business purchases.


15.1 No claims for damage / discrepancies can be made by the Customer after installation, as installation of our materials constitutes acceptance of the product in its current state.

15.2 Similarly, we will not accept any claims for damages / discrepancies once the Customer has performed any work on the order, including cutting, shaping, finishing or oiling. Any work carried out on the order constitutes immediate acceptance of the order.


16.1 All our products are covered by a 2 year warranty regarding product origin and production defects. Everyday occurrences like heat exposure, water damage, scratches and fading are not included. If the customer causes damage for had altered the product in any way the product is not covered by the warranty. Custom Fronts are only responsible for the product until it reaches the delivery point.

16.2 Any custom items or panels which are used in a way which is inconsistent with its intended use like using a panel as a worktop or using a door or drawer as a panel, or if it's altered by their fitter/builder then this is not covered by our warranty


17.1 We will use the personal information you provide to us to:
17.1.1 Provide the goods and/or services.
17.1.2 Process your payment for such goods/and or services.

17.2 We will not give your personal data to any third parties.


All design and text on is the copyright of Custom Fronts and the imagery is the copyright of Custom Fronts and our site may not be altered in any way or republished without express prior consent from us. Custom Fronts are the copyright holders for all of their images and text. No images may be sold on or assigned to or by any third party.


We may revise these terms from time to time in order to comply with changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements. If we have to revise these terms we will give you written notice of any changes before they take effect. You can choose to cancel the contract in relation to any Goods ordered before we give you notice.

Custom Fronts reserves the right to: (a) Alter these Terms and Conditions upon giving you advance notice, and (b) Decline service to any individual Customer. The above Terms and Conditions shall not affect your statutory rights as a consumer. The contract between us shall in all respects be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of England and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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