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Birch Plywood and Other Hardwoods

Our signature kitchen. Premium wood, and clean and simple lines.  Our kitchens combine the best of Scandinavian simplicity and Japanese elegance.

We use the highest quality Nordic birch plywood available, for an exceptionally clean and durable look.

Solid wood veneers from Native and European Species - never any unsustainable tropical hardwoods or non-European woods. 

All our woods are environmentally friendly and FSC certified.

Our standard hardwood fronts consist of Birch, European Oak (Natural, Whitened and Black-stained - all available either of the grain patterns "crown-cut" or "quarter sawn" ), English Brown Oak, European Smoked Oak, European Elm and Figured Sycamore but there are many other hardwoods to choose from such as European Walnut, London Plane and Cherry if you have something else in mind.

You are very welcome to order fronts from the other hardwoods in this range. Simply contact us here for an estimate and more details.


White-Oiled Birch Ply with short oblong handles (also available in a natural oiled finish  for slightly richer tones)


Oak kitchen

Natural European Oak in a Crown-Cut Grain Pattern pictured with oblong handles (short on the drawers and longer version on the larder door) (Quarter cut also available)

 White European Oak (Crown-Cut Grain Pattern - Quarter Sawn also Available)

 London Plane pictured with short oblong handle and long oblong handle (comes in any length) and ashes of bonfire plinth as contrast

Smoked European Oak pictured with push to open mechanism - Pictured in Crown-Cut grain pattern, quarter-sawn also available

Brown Oak pictured with classic cup handles - pictured in Crown-Cut Grain Pattern, Quarter Sawn also available.

Figured Sycamore pictured with our small black metal handles

European Elm pictured with short oblong handle and black plinth as a contrast





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