Ian Thurlby




Situated on what was once the Middewinde but is now The Ouse, we are lucky to live and work nestled under the South Downs, with ancient forest, prehistoric tracks and Neolithic long barrows all around.

We feel rooted, not just in our locale but in nature, and this informs our design, aesthetics and ethics. The best designs often act as an interplay between humans and their environment. We honour that. Our materials and colours are influenced by what surrounds us, resulting in a carefully considered and curated collection. Whether it's the textured black of the net huts of Hastings, the chalk-infused waters of Birling Gap or the further-flung influences of Japanese forests and Norwegian Cliffs, our aesthetic choices are drawn from nature and the joy and healing that these echos can create in us. Our deep respect for nature informs our insistence on low-impact materials - oil finishes that can be indefinitely renewed, sustainable European woods, low impact Bamboo, bio-based carbon-neutral Linoleum and more.

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